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Best Personal Alarms for Seniors

Do you have an elderly family member, friend, or loved one who needs extra help and care? Personal alarms for older adults are a great way to ensure their safety and security. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about these life-saving gadgets, such as pricing packages, features to consider, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Personal safety alarms for older adults are a great way to ensure their safety and security.
  • Alarm styles include pendant-style, smartwatch-style, and comprehensive personal medical alarms you can place around the home.
  • When choosing a personal alarm, essential features include fall detection, battery life, water resistance, location tracking, and coverage.

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Why Should You Invest In a Personal Alarm?

Personal alarms provide peace of mind by alerting family members and professional caregivers if something goes wrong. With emergency help at your fingertips, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive any necessary assistance quickly and efficiently.

They also help reduce the workload of professional carers, providing added flexibility and freedom so they can focus their energy on more critical tasks. Many personal alarms also come with fall alarm technology, which allows them to automatically detect if a person has fallen down and send out an alert in such cases. 

In essence, they offer you and home care service providers a reassuring feeling even during indirect supervision. At the same time, users gain enhanced confidence in their safety and autonomy. They can easily do basic household chores without needing a home health aide on duty 24/7 to ensure their safety and well-being.

Best Pendant Style Alarms

Pendant alarms are small, lightweight devices worn around the neck or wrist. They usually have a button to press in an emergency, sending a signal to family members or professional caregivers. Below are a few solid options if convenience is the main goal.

Mobile 2.0 by Medical Guardian

Mobile 2.0 offers an intuitive design with voice-activated functions, making it user-friendly for all ages. Built to accommodate daily routines, it’s water-resistant for shower use and includes LED indicators for clear status updates. This device ensures continuous protection with advanced location monitoring through 4G LTE, WiFi, and GPS, even while charging.

Features•Smarti Voice Assist
•Lightweight design
•Battery Life: 3-5 days
•Sync Distance: Up to 500 ft
•Charging Time: 4 hours for full charge
•Hourly location monitoring (LTE, WiFi, GPS)
•Access to MyGuardian (caregiver tool)
•Showerproof and water-resistant
Customer Service•24/7 Monitoring Center
•Replacement for non-working items
•Care team support available via call
Ratings•4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 553 reviews)
Price/Subscription•Equipment: $0.00
•Subscription: $44.95/mo.
Additional Info•Battery indication through Smarti Voice Assist or LED light.
•Press and hold the help button to cancel the alarm for 5 seconds.
•Before dispatching help, the operator assesses your situation and conveys EMT wait time.

Mini Guardian by Medical Guardian

A compact and discreet device designed for everyday wear, the Mini Guardian offers immediate assistance at the touch of a button. Whether faced with unexpected falls or medical situations, users can quickly connect with an operator and await prompt aid. This ensures that in times of crisis, you’re never truly alone.

Features•Lightweight & half the width of standard devices
•5-day battery life & water-resistant
•Crystal clear 2-way speaker
•Advanced location tracking (WiFi & GPS)
•Reliable 4G cellular network coverage
•MyGuardian, a customer care portal for health and safety information management.
Price Details•Equipment: $0.00
•Subscription: $44.95
Additional Features•Easier emergency help with easy-press button and clear speaker
•Reliable cell coverage with GPS & WiFi monitoring
•Optional fall detector
•High-definition speaker and noise-canceling
•Multiple wear options (magnetic lanyard, belt clip) 
•Long battery life (up to 5 days)
•Available in 3 colors (black, silver, white)
•Package includes device, belt clip, lanyard, and charger

Best Smartwatch Style Alarms

Smartwatch-style alarms merge modern technology with safety. Worn like a regular watch, they integrate emergency buttons to alert loved ones or caregivers during crises. These are ideal for the senior who leaves the house often, such as to visit the doctor. Here are some top picks for those seeking a blend of style and security.

Bay Alarm Medical SOS Smartwatch

A modern twist on emergency alert systems. The SOS Smartwatch focuses on essential features for dependable protection, ease of use, and affordability. No smartphone is needed. It’s a straightforward safety solution with a direct SOS button, simple charging, and optional fall detection.

Key Features•Dedicated SOS Button
•Clear touch screen
•Two-way communication
•Extended battery lifeBuilt-in step tracker
•Powered by 4G LTE with pre-installed SIM card
•6-18 hours depending on settings/connectivity; 2-3 hours to fully charge
•Equipped with 24/7 GPS monitoring that can track the location
•Built-in speaker and microphone for communication with a 24/7 dispatcher
Additional Features•No unnecessary apps or games
•Optional auto fall detection
•Easy chargingWater Resistant (Rating: IP67)

MGM Move by Medical Guardian

An innovative approach to on-the-go safety and connectivity. The MGMove Smartwatch boasts a touchscreen display, adjustable wristband, and intuitive magnetic charging with voice assist. Simple to use, designed for modern lifestyles with a stylish flair.

Rating•4.5 Stars
Price•Equipment: $199.95
•Subscription: $39.95/mo
Key Features•Voice-to-text communication (with Social Circle Apps Package) 
•Step counting & sharing via MyGuardian App
•Reminders for medication/events (with Social Circle Apps Package)
•Monthly easy testing
•SOS emergency button with cancel option
•Real-time weather dataNo smartphone required for the basic plan
•Water-resistant (IP67 rated)
•Daily charging: 1-2 hours to fully charge. Voice Assist indicates the correct charging connection
•Watch face can be changed through settings
Additional Apps & Tools•Messages App: Chat & text with loved ones
•Reminders App: Daily tasks & events tracking

Best Affordable Personal Medical Alarms

Combining the convenience of wearables with the assurance of stationary alarms, these devices offer flexibility in ensuring safety throughout your home. Whether worn or placed in key rooms, they provide a seamless layer of protection, giving peace of mind without breaking the bank. Ideal for those seeking a balance between constant coverage and affordability.


GetSafe offers an innovative approach to medical alerts. Instead of wearables, voice-activated commands or strategically placed wall buttons call for assistance. With optional traditional buttons and a design that naturally blends into homes, GetSafe combines safety with simplicity.

Package NameBedrooms CoveredEquipment Cost (Regular/Sale Price)Monthly Monitoring FeeIncluded Equipment
Starter0-1$79$9.95/mo•24/7 Monitoring in the USA 
•4G LTE Base Unit1x Voice-Activated Wall Button 
•Complimentary Lanyard Button
Standard2-3$193$29.95/mo•24/7 Monitoring in the USA
•4G LTE Base Unit2x Voice-Activated Wall Buttons
•1x Standard Wall Button
•Complimentary Lanyard Button
Select4-5$307$29.95/mo•24/7 Monitoring in the USA
•4G LTE Base Unit3x Voice-Activated Wall Buttons
•2x Standard Wall Buttons
•Complimentary Lanyard Button
Add-OnsN/A$0-$99As low as $10/mo•Mobile GPS location & Fall Detection


Designed for active lives, MobileHelp uses GPS technology to offer medical alert coverage without landlines or contracts. With easy button-activated assistance and optional features like the Fall Button, it’s a flexible solution for nationwide safety. The Connect Premium service even offers added benefits, including equipment coverage.

Below is MobileHelp Duo, one of the most complete packages among their products.

MobileHelp Duo PlansCostFeatures
Annual$503.40/year•In-home base unit
•Mobile unit
•Waterproof help button
•GPS tracking
•24/7 US-based monitoring
Semi-Annual$251.70/6 months•In-home base unit
•Mobile unit
•Waterproof help button
•GPS tracking
•24/7 US-based monitoring
Quarterly$134.85/3 months•In-home base unit
•Mobile unit
•Waterproof help button
•GPS tracking
•24/7 US-based monitoring
Monthly$46.95/month•In-home base unit
•Mobile unitWaterproof help button
•GPS tracking
•24/7 US-based monitoring

Bay Alarm Medical

Offering both home units and wearable devices (most of which are leased for free), Bay Alarm Medical ensures quick assistance at the push of a button. Once activated, a 24/7 trained operator from the US engages in a 2-way conversation, ensuring the right kind of help arrives — whether it’s contacting loved ones or emergency services. Plus, their systems are user-friendly, designed for easy plug-and-play setup without needing any tools. 

Below are two comprehensive options, but their website also has minimalist options.

Product•SOS Home
•SOS All-In-One
Description•In-home system for seniors. Uses landline and cellular versions. Most popular system with push-button emergency assistance.
•Protection on a single device both in and outside a home. Allows for mobility with security.
Monthly Cost•$24.95
•$29.95 (cellular version)
Features•Base Unit: Two-way speaker with 32-hour backup.
•Wearable Button: For wrist or neck; 24/7 call center link.
•Vial of Life: Contains critical medical info.
•Lockbox (Optional): Key storage with secure combo
•Fall Detection (Optional): Auto-response to falls.
•SOS All-In-One: Help button, speaker, optional fall detection, GPS tracking.
•Wearable Button: SOS activation; wearable on neck/wrist.
•Caregiver Tracking: Track device location, battery, and history on a free app.
•Charging Cradle: Easy charging with notification.
•Lanyard & Belt Clip: Wear on the neck or hip.

Features to Consider When Buying a Personal Alarm

When choosing the right personal alarm system for your loved one, you should consider several important features:

  • Fall detection: Make sure the alarm you choose has an automatic fall detection system so you can rest assured that your loved one will receive any necessary assistance quickly and efficiently in case of a fall.
  • Battery life: Look for a personal alarm with long battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging it daily.
  • Water resistance: Some personal alarms are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged if they get wet.
  • Location tracking: Make sure the alarm you choose comes with GPS tracking capabilities to find your loved one in an emergency easily.
  • Coverage: Be sure to look for a personal alarm that offers coverage in areas where your loved one lives and works.
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