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“Am I eligible for CDPAP services?”

You are eligible if you:

Several factors could affect someone’s eligibility. Contact us to begin the process and find out if you’re eligible!

We will walk you through every step of the process


Do you have one of these Medicaid cards?

If you have Medicaid, you can apply for CDPAP services.
Friends Family Home Care card
Friends Family Home Care card

Are you eligible for Medicaid, or think you may be?

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Testimonial Rosmely Leonardo

"Excellent place to work, warm environment, also, they really care about patients and their respective home attendants. Thanks to my sister Crismeli I had a nice experience working there."

Rosmely Leonardo
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“Am I eligible to be a CDPAP caregiver?”

You are eligible if you are:

Several factors could affect someone’s eligibility. Contact us to begin the process and find out if you’re eligible!

Your caregiver can earn up to

CDPAP – or Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program, is a New York State Medicaid program which allows consumers to choose their own caregivers. If you are the daughter, son, relative, or friend of someone who is in need of care, you can get paid to take care of them. We’ve helped thousands of people across New York and we can help you!

Testimonial Laura Molina

"I was treated very well, the office is bilingual and I am very happy with CDPAP services."

Laura Molina
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Testimonial Reinaldo Sanchez

"Comparto mi experiencia de los servicios brindados por esta empresa excelente servicios y atenciones."

Reinaldo Sanchez
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Testimonial Edis Minaj

"Friends and family helped me and my mother, great service and they treat you like family. I'm so happy with the service"

Edis Minaj
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Find out if you're eligible

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CDPAP Program

How it works

Learn more about how it works.


Find out if you’re eligible for CDPAP

Call us to schedule a nurse to visit you at home to determine if you’re eligible for the program. You’ll find out how many weekly hours of care you can get. Your Medicaid plan completely covers the cost!


We provide training for your caregiver

You choose your caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We give them hands-on training and help them with all paperwork and procedures. You both also get ongoing support and help is available 24/7.


They get paid weekly up to $21.09 per hour

You get the comfort of having a caregiver who knows you, loves you, and understands you, and they get paid weekly up to $21.09 per hour. And it’s all fully covered by Medicaid!

CDPAP training

Learn more about our CDPAP process


We are with you every step of the way

Step-by-step training

We walk your caregiver through all paperwork and procedures. In-office or remote training and onboarding are available.

24/7 real-time support

Your team is available 24/7, so you always have support.

New training every year

Stay up to date with yearly training on the latest techniques, tools, and technology.

What can my caregiver help with?

Receive help with activities of daily living and so much more. Maybe you find it hard to dress, shower, or perform basic grooming tasks on your own. Your caregiver will help you:
Getting Dressed
Getting Around
Insulin Shots
Check Vitals
Administer Medications
Wound Dressing
Set up Medical Equipment
Assist with Tube Feeding

Questions Asked By Others

Receiving CDPAP Care
Giving CDPAP Care
(Caregivers/Personal Assistants)

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