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Do CDPAP Personal Care Assistants Get Drug Tested in New York?

If you’ve looked into home care services for a loved one, you may have stumbled across the CDPAP program. Only 40% of adults over 65 are able to cover the expenses of their own home healthcare in addition to everyday living expenses. However, the CDPAP program allows you to become a paid caregiver yourself.

If you’re hoping to become a paid CDPAP personal care assistant for a friend or relative, there are a few steps you need to take in order to complete your application. This may or may not include an eight-panel drug test, depending on the agency you work with. 

Read on to learn more about the process to become a CDPAP personal assistant.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no requirement that you need a drug test to become a CDPAP personal care assistant in New York. However, some agencies choose to require an unnecessary eight-panel drug test.
  • In order to become a CDPAP personal care assistant, you’ll need to find a client (patient), meet with their financial intermediary (home care agency), complete an application, and submit a physical examination.
  • You’ll need to gather documents for your application, including your social security card, proof of residency, and two forms of ID.

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Is a Drug Test Required to Become a CDPAP Personal Care Assistant in New York?

No, drug testing is not required to become a CDPAP personal care assistant in New York. Although some agencies do require an unnecessary and costly drug test, Friends and Family Home Care Services does not. 

However, all potential caregivers must submit a habituation statement signed by their physician which clears them to work. This is done along with the physical exam, and is much easier than undergoing a drug test! 

Caregivers must also have received a physical exam within the last year and must have received two PPD (tuberculosis) shots within the last year in addition to their drug screening tests.

What Drugs Do They Test For?

The eight-panel drug screening process tests for the following drugs: amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines (i.e. Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan), cannabis and cannabinoids (THC)*, cocaine, methadone, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). 

* As of 2020, New York City does not allow marijuana testing for applicants to jobs. However, there are exceptions to this law–for instance, if the job you are applying for falls under a certain category. This includes “positions supervising vulnerable persons” and “supervising medical patients,” which is why certain agencies are still able to test their prospective CDPAP personal care assistants for marijuana.

If you test positive for drug use with any of these substances, your fiscal intermediary will reach out to discuss your test results and next steps for your case.

How Often is a CDPAP Personal Care Assistant Drug Tested?

CDPAP personal care assistants are only drug tested once (if at all) upon employment for each new client.

Steps to Becoming a CDPAP Personal Care Assistant in New York?

In order to become a CDPAP personal care assistant, you must first have a client (patient) willing to hire you for long-term care. Whether it be an older parent or relative, friend or neighbor, or a professional client, you must be in contact with someone willing to hire you who has qualified for the CDPAP program. 

Next, you must contact your client’s CDPAP fiscal intermediary (home care agency) for payroll and benefits administration information, as well as information on compliance with local laws and regulations. The fiscal intermediary will provide you with a personal assistant application package to complete in order to begin the hiring process. 

Then, you will need to make a doctor’s appointment for your physical examination. This includes a regular physical to ensure you’re physically fit to care for another person (and don’t have physical inhibitions from doing so), the eight-panel drug screening (depending on the agency you’re working with), blood tests, and a screening for rubella and rubeola (also a blood test). 

Once you pass your physical exam, your fiscal intermediary will let you know how many hours per week you’ve been approved to work for, based on your results. 

Finally, you’ll need to complete your payroll paperwork, receive your offer of employment, and then your tenure as a CDPAP personal assistant will begin!

What Documents Do You Need to Become a CDPAP Personal Care Assistant?

In order to complete the paperwork necessary to become a CDPAP personal care assistant, you’ll need to have a few documents on hand. Below is a breakdown of which documents you’ll need to gather for your application.

Social Security Card

You’ll need your SSN card in order to complete your paperwork. If you need to be issued a new card, you can apply for one online (or begin the process online and finish it at a local Social Security office or card center).

Proof of Residency

You’ll also need proof of residency for the state of New York. This might be a New York State driver’s license with your address on it, a learner’s permit or non-driver government ID card, or a recent bank statement or pay stub with your address on it. You may also be able to present pieces of mail as your proof of residency.

Two Forms of ID

Finally, you’ll need another form of identification in addition to your driver’s license or non-driver state ID. This might include a U.S. passport, a birth certificate or baptismal certificate, or a military ID card. Consult your financial intermediary if you’re not sure which forms of ID are appropriate.

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