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15 Ways to Show a Caregiver You Appreciate Them

Caregivers work hard. For many, the work they do changes lives. Providing home care services can be rewarding but also challenging. Showing your caregiver that you appreciate all they do for you is a great way to let them know you see them. 

Whether you have a family caregiver, a professional caregiver, or another type of home health care provider, you can use these caregiver appreciation tips to show them you care.

Key Takeaways

  • You can show appreciation for a caregiver with a handwritten note, care packages, special gifts, and more.
  • Even if you can’t spend money or navigate much planning on your own, you can still take steps to demonstrate your gratitude. 
  • Spending time together and telling your caregiver you appreciate them can be just as effective as buying a gift.

1. Create a Handwritten Thank You Note

One of the easiest yet most thoughtful ways to thank caregivers for their hard work is writing a thank you note. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy — a simple handwritten note on a blank card will do. Use this space to share your gratitude and all that makes your caregiver special in your own words.

2. Offer a Day Off

Give your caregiver a day to focus on their own family, responsibilities, and self-care needs. Show them they deserve some time off, and let them know you want them to feel cared for and supported. Time off can show your appreciation and help you avoid contributing to caregiver strain over time.

3. Create a Care Package

Give the gift of wellness with a hand-crafted care package stuffed full of your favorite goodies. Or, if you want to keep it simple, grab a pre-made gift basket. Choose items that help your caregiver promote their well-being. This might include some yummy snacks, soothing soaps or lotions, comfy clothes, tea, candles, or whatever else you can think of! Make it special, and make it yours.

4. Cook a Meal

Whip up something tasty for your caregiver to show them just how much they mean to you. This works especially well for those with a family or informal caregiver living at home. Surprise them with a special meal, or work together to create delectable dishes (and great memories).

5. Personalized Playlist

If you or your caregiver is a music lover, express gratitude with a customized playlist. You can hop on any streaming service in your free time and begin compiling lists with your favorite songs and albums.

6. DIY Coupons

Sometimes, it’s the little things that help us the most. You can make it easy for your caregiver to ask for some support by creating a DIY coupon book. Customize each coupon’s “value” with different things you can do to brighten your caregiver’s day, like taking a walk, playing a game together, or having a self-care day.

7. Photo Album or Scrapbook

Immortalize all your caregiver does with a special photo album or scrapbook. You can include pictures, notes, receipts, and anything else that reminds you of your time together. Bonus points if you get your caregiver in on the fun!

8. Organize a Small Thank You Event

Bring together your family members, friends, and members of your community to celebrate your caregiver. You could throw a small party or have a more informal gathering at a place that’s special to you. No matter what, make sure your caregiver is the star of the show!

9. Offer to Run Errands With Them

Spending time together is one of the best gifts you can give to your caregiver. Offer to tag along next time they run errands, or suggest visiting a local spot like a coffee shop, library, or park to sit and chat.

10. Make a Handmade Craft

If scrapbooking or photo album design isn’t your thing, try creating a different homemade craft that expresses your gratitude. You don’t have to be Picasso to make something memorable! Air-dry clay is a great resource for quick crafts. Paint and canvases are also cheap and accessible.

11. Gift a Book

If your caregiver is a reader, find a new book that reminds you of them and use it as a gift. Or, head to your local library and see what picks stand out.

12. Design a Relaxation Kit

Combine your favorite “spa day” essentials into one kit and gift it to your caregiver. Consider adding things like face masks, essential oils, or even a gift card to a local spa or wellness center to help your caregiver unwind.

13. Share Their Story

Listen to your caregiver’s story whenever you can. Show them that you care about them as a person, not just a caregiver, by giving them space to open up. Let them know that you support and appreciate them for who they are, and encourage others to do the same.

14. Offer Emotional Support

Even caregivers need to check in sometimes. Give your caregiver the ear they may need, and don’t be afraid to step in and offer support of your own. Make sure your caregiver knows you’re someone they can turn to when times are tough or when they need some extra help.

15. Celebrate National Caregivers Day

Each year, on the third Friday in February, caregivers and care recipients across the U.S. celebrate National Caregivers Day. As its name likely implies, this day is all about recognizing and uplifting caregivers of all kinds. Take the day to think about what your caregiver means to you. Take them out for a nice treat, or maybe send a small gift their way. Or, you can choose to express your appreciation through a heartfelt conversation.

No matter how you celebrate your caregiver, you’ll be glad you did.

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